Sunday, July 10, 2011

When things don't go the way I hoped...

...I try to look for the blessing instead of the frustration. Today it rained. No, it POURED! I had planned a photo shoot -- outdoors, in the best light. Instead, rain, rain, clouds and more.

Just a patch of sunlight in between the lowering thunderheads. So, I went out to the gazebo to bring the chairs under the cover of the porch. Passed the chickens in the chicken coop...
They came racing to see what I was up to. Curious. Not impacted by the rain. Just being. Just simply enjoying being chickens.

What a simple little lesson. In the midst of the storms of life ... just be!


  1. neat, love the sentiment, love the title of your blog too:)

  2. Wonderful advice, Judi. LOVE the chickens.


  3. I can relate to this! I love shooting pictures outdoors too. Love the chickens and the thoughts! Blessings for your blogging adventure! Jennifer Beers

  4. We all need this reminder from your chickens, Judi. What lovely chickens, too. :)

    blessings, Zuda