Monday, November 14, 2011

The ABC's of Me

I loved reading other's ABCs sharing of themselves in the blogosphere, so thought I would jump in with mine .... but in a little different way. These are ways I am working to grow and learn!

A - Adoring of all the special people in my life -- I count them as gifts!
B - Blessing others as I also recognize I am blessed beyond measure every day in so many ways
C - Curious - rather than judgmental
D - Dancing daily in praise to God
E - Empowering others to live one day at a time, one moment at a time, in love with life
F - Following the pattern of Jesus, learning as I go that it's okay not to be perfect!
G - Giving to others without thought of return
H - Happy intentionally - choosing how I think and respond
I - Inviting others to join me in recognizing the blessings of each day
J - Joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer (Romans 12:12)
K - Kindhearted and tender towards those less fortunate
L - Loving those who may not love in return
M - Making the most of every moment
N - Never giving up -- persevering through the tough challenges of life
O - Optimistic, believing each day is new and has something special to hold
P - Patient with others and with life itself (a continual process of learning)
Q - Quizzing - learning to ask questions and be open rather than feeling I know all the answers
R - Resting - not racing through life at full tilt. I am learning to inhale as well as exhale
S - Savoring through all my senses the gracious gifts of each day
T - Training myself to memorize for the health of my brain and spirit (scriptures are amazing!)
U - Using my gifts, talents and strengths in every way I can
V - Valuing others and their contributions to my life -- affirming them
W - Working to learn something new -- endeavoring to be a life-long learner
X - Xerox-free -- I don't want to be a copy, but the original me God created me to be
Y - Young at heart -- always wanting to grow and have a fresh outlook on life
Z - Zealous to reach out to others and be a blessing to them.

If you decide to participate in creating an ABC blog post of your own, please feel free to share the link in your comments below!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A compelling little love story ...

Once upon a time there was this handsome young Prince. His name is Nathan. OK, like I said, he's a young Prince trying to find and make his way in life and (just like the rest of us) figuring much of it out as he goes. Not unlike his brothers, he aspired to leave his own personal signature on both the people and the things he touched inside his family's kingdom--BUT also beyond the boundaries of his parent's influence. He chose to measure himself and to, in-turn, be measured by the every-day challenges that many "commoners" face. So, he modestly albeit understandably discounted the privileges reserved just for "royalty."

Nathan soon took a job. He juggled it with college--for a while--and in the course of his own ongoing self-discovery displayed good people skills, strong management abilities, good self-discipline, and an inquisitive mind with natural business savvy. He was promoted to leadership (management) and soon decided it was an appropriate time to leave the family's castle.
Oh, yes, I said this was a love story.... and you can continue reading it here.

(By the way, Nathan is my youngest son, and the link takes you to my husband's blog about Nathan and Laura ... the Laura I wrote about yesterday.)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life is Short - Smell the Roses!

I want to share a rose with you ... and help remind us all to be sure to enjoy and hold the roses in our lives precious today!

Laura Triem is my youngest son's girlfriend. She is not only a sweet rose in our lives, but a bright ray of sunshine in the lives of those who know her.

Last Friday, November 4th, she and my son, Nathan, spent the day together -- much in love as they chatted about life and their hopes and dreams. After they parted -- he to take the bus to work, and she to walk to her job -- tragedy struck.

Laura was waiting for one light rail train to pass before crossing a busy intersection in Denver, but failed to see another train departing. She was struck down, and now is in a fight for her life, in critical but stable condition. My son spends as much time by her side as possible -- as do so many family members and friends. The discussion in the waiting room is about Laura's sweet spirit, the joy she has brought to so many, and the hope that her smile will again light up many a room.

I have tried to remind my son, "What would Laura say to you now? What would she tell you to do?" And, I think this blog post is my own way of responding to that question. Knowing Laura, I believe she would tell us all to not take a single day for granted tell those you love just how much you care ... and to reach out and find ways to brighten one anothers' days in whatever ways you can.

I am part of the "Supporting Laura Triem" team. I am donating 20% of all my Etsy shop sales to her Irrevocable Special Needs Trust - set up to assist with those needs Laura may have after all her insurance coverage is exhausted. If you would like to follow her story, go to her Facebook Page and "like" it.